Aktion Sounds

Aktion Games has a studio for in-house music and sound production including a growing library of sample and ready-made tracks to use in your video marketing, electronic game, website, or presentation. Need a soundscape or sound effects? Aktion Games can help! Aktion Games can also produce music for your game with professional musicians and producers for less than you might imagine. Let’s talk about your music and sound needs, and let Aktion Games bring your game and game marketing to the next level.

• Original Scores / Music

• Game & Brand Jingles

• Sound Effects

• Voice Overs / Character Voices

• Music for Apps

• Mixing 3rd Party Audio

A Room

Mix Room

SSL,Pro Tools 10/11 HDX, Outboard Gear, Quality Room Sound


Live Room


800 sqft professional built
live room, Iso Booth


B Room

Editing Suite

Pro Tools 10/11, Outboard Gear, Pre-Production / MIDI set up


B Room Mic Booth

ADR & Vocals

Quality Sound Space, Multiple Mic Selections

Music Editing Session


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