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Aktion Games develops original games for licensing and publishing. Our games are ready to go to market with your brand and theme, having been extensively playtested and demonstrated to be original and fun. Properties like Treasure Or Treachery, our Pirate Themed Competitive Aktion Game, a unique and exciting board game that can be quickly altered to include themes like "Ninja" or "Space War" or even mash them together!

Competitive Aktion Game:
Treasure Or Treachery

Note *Treasure and Treachery is theme as a pirate game, but theme can be altered to match a licensed theme.

Treasure or Treachery is an original, category defining board game for 2 to 4 players that is fun for all ages. Based on the Aktion Games "Competitive Aktion Game" ruleset, in development since 2009, Treasure or Treachery is a complete game, which has been refined, prototyped, and extensively playtested with families, casual players, and enthusiasts. In Treasure or Treachery each player controls a faction vying for hidden treasure. Players move their vehicles and agents around the board using maps to locate the treasure. Once found, agents must stow the treasure on their vehicle before seeking the next hidden location. Collect 3 and make it back to your home base before your opponents do to win the game! Along the way other players will be trying to stop you and take your treasure by attacking or stealing from your agents and vehicle. Will you take on your opponent in open battle? Sneak past them to get the hidden treasure? Or try to steal their treasure and flee? Each choice carries risk, and each roll of the dice can turn the tide of the game. Each move you make has the chance to tempt fate by forcing you to draw a Random Event Card which may help you or hurt you. Will your vehicle be destroyed taking your hard earned treasure with it or will you acquire an advantage that will help you dominate? Every game is different as players work different strategies to win and whims of fate change the course of the game. Treasure or Treachery is a fast paced game of tactics and luck that will have you and your friends howling with laughter, cheering and jeering as you battle it out for the win. Will you get away with the treasure or will treachery find you instead?

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Game Components

Color Dice


Map Combo
Random Event Cards



Aktion Party Game: I Bet you Can't

Can you do an impression of an attack dog? Describe a fruit tree using only hand gestures? Draw a picture of a selfie? Without picking up the pencil?

I Bet You Can’t!

The hilarious new party game from Aktion Games, “I Bet You Can’t” combines the thrill of poker style betting, with the challenge of charade like games where you and your friends compete to take all the chips to win the game. Two teams of 2 or more people alternate between rounds betting on challenges determined by the Aktion Cards and luck of the spin. Players alternate between actors who try to convey the item on the Aktion Card to their teammates through 1 of 4 challenges: Gesture, Guess, Impression, and Picasso. The player team has 30 seconds to try and guess the right answer and win the pot.

“I Bet You Can’t” will have you on the edge of your seat, and rolling on the floor with laughter, each game is a little different and everyone at the party can play at the same time!

Each game consists of several rounds split into two plays, where teams alternate as players and opponents. Players alternate actors between rounds. The players start the round play by putting in their ante, which increases each round. The Player-Actor draws an Aktion Card, revealing it only to the Opponent team and not their own teammates! After a round of betting players spin to determine the challenge and then bet one last time before the challenge begins.

The Player-Actor must act out the challenge, trying to describe what’s on the card while their teammates have 30 seconds to guess the exact item on the card. If the Players win, they take all the chips. If they lose the pot goes to their Opponents! Once the challenge is resolved and the teams switch roles for the next round, with play proceeding until 1 team has acquired all of the chips.

So can you describe a fruit bat using only song lyrics? Draw a fire fighter with your eyes closed? Do an impression of salted popcorn using only your face?

I Bet You Can’t!

I Bet You Can't Gameboard

I Bet You Can't | Aktioncard
I Bet You Can't | Twistcard


I Bet You Can't | Ante Chip
I Bet You Can't | Gameboard


I Bet You Can't | 1 Dollar Chip Front
I Bet You Can't | 1 Dollar Chip Back


I Bet You Can't | 5 Dollar Chip Front
I Bet You Can't | 5 Dollar Chip Back


I Bet You Can't | 10 Dollar Chip Front
I Bet You Can't | 10 Dollar Chip Back


Aktion Kids Game: Match Kingdom

Travel with your children to a world of fairy tale stories with Match Kingdom, a fun and challenging twist on traditional match games for ages 3 & up. Children will delight in trying to match up to 6 different fairy tale characters, 6 fantasy places, and 6 magical items, while trying to collect one of each type to tell a story! Match your set then write in your version of the story then color the pictures with the included booklet to reward your victory! Share your creations online with family and friends. With original artwork, a companion story book, and a place to share your creations online, Match Kingdom is the first children's game from Aktion Games and is fun for the whole family!


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Match Kingdom

Match Kingdom | King

Match Kingdom | Princess

Match Kingdom | Mermaid

Match Kingdom | Fairy

Match Kingdom | Beast

Match Kingdom | Wizard


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