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Are you a game designer looking to make your game look amazing? Aktion Games works with game designers to refine game designs, develop instruction manuals, design original graphics for game elements, box design, and marketing materials.

Concept Art

Aktion games develops original concept art that bring ideas to life. From worlds to characters, our artists work with you to develop a visual landscape to commmunicate your game's language and story. Settings, Character Design, World Design, Landscapes, Story Boards, Sequential Art, Vignettes, etc. Trust Aktion Games to work with you to develop modern and relevant designs that realize your vision.

Game Elements

Aktion Games can work with you to help develop a knock-out look for your game project. From printed elements like cards and boards, to tokens and other plastic parts, Aktion Games can help you develop a unique and cohesive visual style including all media and source the materials needed to complete your presentation. Looking to make a big splash with at your next pitch or convention? Let us help you develop a high quality prototype that will knock their socks off! Need help getting the details right from cards to instructions? Our staff is experienced in developing instructions, printing, and we'll dig in and make sure you've got your bases covered.


Aktion Games can develop original Logos, Photographs, Video Logos, Concept Art, Illustrations, and other graphic media for any aspect of your game development, marketing, and promotions. We can help you develop presentations, banners, flyers, t-shirts, and other promotional materials for conventions and game days at the local shop. Sell more, promote more, and look good doing it with Aktion Games.


Packaging drives sales, don't get lost in the crowd! Aktion Games develops original graphics and innovative packaging designs that make an impact. Whether you need a traditional board game package design or are looking for something unique to make a statement and stand out in a crowded market, Aktion Games has the tools and experience to make it happen.

Our Design Portfolio

  • I Bet You Can't Game Cards
  • I Bet U Can't Logo
  • Magic Kingdom - Coming Soon
  • Magic Kingdom | King
  • Magic Kingdom | Princess
  • Magic Kingdom | Mermaid
  • I Bet You Can't Game Cards
  • I Bet You Can't Game Cards
  • I Bet You Can't Game Cards


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