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Aktion Games specializes in the design and development of original game concepts, products, and marketing. We help bring your vision to life with engaging graphics, sound, voice and music production. We offer specialized video production for game developers and publishers including promotional and instructional videos. We can paint your vision onto concept art, game elements, and marketing materials. We have a professional recording studio with producers, engineers, musicians, singers, and songwriters available to bring your media to life. We feature a growing collection of stock voice overs, effects, and music available for your production. Bring your game to market with Aktion Games: we are always looking for the next big game to bring to the biggest publishers and brands for licensing. If you are looking for help in making your event or presentation memorable, Aktion Games can help you gamify to engage your audience or even build buzz around your product launch. Look to Aktion Games for fresh ideas in games, game marketing, and gamification.

Our Team

Ryan Hollander

Ryan is an avid gamer of all kinds, life-long Lego builder and fan, and lover of fantasy and science fiction. A software developer and consultant by day, Ryan was inspired in 2009 to develop some of his ideas into his first board game. Ryan's background in art, programming, and interest in all things pirate eventually led to the game which became "Treasure Or Treachery". After driving most of his friends and family crazy with endless play testing, the game, he felt, was ready for the world. Ryan resides in Florida with his wife, two children, two cats, and various fish where he enjoys biking, camping, cooking, reading and gaming.

Jason Ross

Over the past 12 years I've grown TSM and added to my foundations in sales, accounting, and marketing; gaining experience in legal, international business, product manufacturing, and licensing; and becoming proficient with programs for graphic design, video editing, and audio recording. TSM has afforded me so many amazing experiences while boasting an impressive roster of clients and continuing to grow as I venture into new arenas.
I serve on Entertainment Industry Boards for two local universities and previously held the position of Head Chair for a local government Economic Development Board. My entire life is centered around creativity and business; I spend my weekends creating music and graphics and drafting proposals. I have found my happiness in working and I'm lucky to be supported by my wonderful wife who understands how much I love what I do. She has been by my side for nearly a decade, understands how I love to hustle, and acts as my in house grammar specialist, proofreading all my work.


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